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Continue a wave of news since PRISM was exposed to the public, today several big news agency brought up public reaction of liberty groups, high-profile individuals and public opinions about PRISM. As the previous posts, I collected all news about PRISM here for later references. 1. The demand denounces the spying program as illegal and immoral, and seriously infringes the core value of freedom and privacy of America. Civil liberty groups also call for a number of legal reforms, including reform to controversial section 215 of the US Patriot Act. Notices: 4chan is also in the list! 2. As usual, a very concise and thoughtful writing by Schneider. He got the right point when saying that we should investigate whether the class


Another sleepless night. It made me really really tired. My girlfriend came at the midnight just to see me but I nearly couldn't talk to her. My brain got burned and it was hot. Just wanted to say sorry to her. I don't know why I've suffered from insomnia. My mind got tired but the thread of thought didn't want to shutdown. Perhaps, if this condition continues, I must come to see a doctor.


It's rare to see such a high-voted list of articles with numerous comments on HN. Nearly every link talks about the newly exposed surveillance program - called PRISM - made by NSA to every US citizens. The whole news media has been consistent to a single point: the surveillance is outrageous and immoral. I just organize all electronic news about this scariest event. A new computer facility is being built in Utah to store the surveillance information collected from telecom companies. 9 leading companies are listed to participate in the surveillance progr

North Korea's stories

Every story about mysterious North Korea is very compelling. Nearly every essays I've read depicts a vivid picture about the oppositions of luxurious indulgences of the "honor commander" and impoverished life of people. Last time was a story about a man who escaped from communal labor camps after contemplating his family got killed This time was about a Kill Jong Il's favorite Japanese sushi chef. Two stories are very interesting and deserves your night reading!


Until recently, I've realized that I have depression, or at least I'm now able to call out its name: depression. Well, I don't discover its name by myself but from the comics I bumped into on the internet. And I realized that there are many people who have a same mental state as me. Though I still don't know how to do to escape from this feeling but I think being able to recognize the enemy or call out its name is huge progress in fighting it.