Continue a wave of news since PRISM was exposed to the public, today several big news agency brought up public reaction of liberty groups, high-profile individuals and public opinions about PRISM. As the previous posts, I collected all news about PRISM here for later references.

The demand denounces the spying program as illegal and immoral, and seriously infringes the core value of freedom and privacy of America. Civil liberty groups also call for a number of legal reforms, including reform to controversial section 215 of the US Patriot Act.
Notices: 4chan is also in the list!

As usual, a very concise and thoughtful writing by Schneider. He got the right point when saying that we should investigate whether the classifying of user information is legal because when the program by NSA violates the constitutional laws, Snowden would be protected by the whistle-blowing laws.

Another article about

Another voice of supports for Snowden. The writer considers Snowden as a hero because he brought to light important information the deserved to be in public domain while doing no harm to his country's security, against the claim of NSA about the "huge, grave damage" to the "intelligence capabilities".

A little out of flow but the article raises awareness of the dangerous of Facebook messages, which sometimes would do harm to you. It also proves that US officials have access to the Facebook user data.

Google made a strategic move to gain the trust from user by asking general arttoney for their disclosure of the number of requests made by NSA. A wise move!

Another article about Snowden. The article described his choice as rational, and that he knew the outcomes but he thought what he had done was right and therefore he had tranquility!

Booz Allen fires Snowden, cites Snowden's disclosure as criminal action. The fire is understandable because the leaks poses a huge problems to the company when the major of its revenues come from government contracts.

Other countries are also demanding an explanation over the surveillance program.

Wow! A group of civil liberty group sues the Obama administration over its collection of phone logs! I'm looking forward the result of this lawsuit.

A prose with really inspiring title: "Let America be America again"



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