It's rare to see such a high-voted list of articles with numerous comments on HN. Nearly every link talks about the newly exposed surveillance program - called PRISM - made by NSA to every US citizens. The whole news media has been consistent to a single point: the surveillance is outrageous and immoral.

I just organize all electronic news about this scariest event.
A new computer facility is being built in Utah to store the surveillance information collected from telecom companies.
9 leading companies are listed to participate in the surveillance program carrying out by the NSA and the US government, among are big names: google, yahoo, microsoft, paypal, AOL, skype , youtube
This article stressed the importance of a whistle-blower entity like Wikileak.
Google denies providing user private information to the NSA and show their disapproval to the NSL as an evidence.
The concrete slides described the surveillance program - PRISM.
Obama's administration again issues a platitude it has offered every time president Obama has been caught overreaching in the use of his powers.
As usual, a senator appears and claims the responsibility about the events.
A blogger expresses his worries about the legal of the surveillance.
Just a history...
2 weeks ago, NSA was the only one not spying on Americans. How indirect it is!
$8 billions is the estimated annual budget of NSA!!!
$20 millions is the annual cost of PRISM
The reaction of each company about PRISM. "We don't know" is the overall tone.
EFF with its weak voice!
A whole data center is being built!


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