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Observation (3) -- Strong community, Fragile community

The strength of an community (organization) depends on its member. If its member shares a similar vision and contributes his time building the community, that community becomes remarkable strong. However, if its members participate in the community without any contribution, the community is fragile.

Observation (2): each man has his individual view about the world

I observe that each man has his individual view about the world that is different from other men's viewpoint. In other word, each man has his own concerns. The point here is we can't change people. I have heard somewhere that we can't change people or influence them and I have believed those claims. But not now. We don't even change his own concerns. For example, if all a man cares about is money, you can't direct his thought to other issues. Therefore I come to a conclusion that if I want to influence or persuade someone, I shouldn't just use my words because people won't believe in your words. Talk is cheap. Instead, I need to show him the side of the problem that I perceive.