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Which kind of company do I want?

I just think that if we can't clearly form a picture of future by ourselves, I should follow a master and learn what he could see, and gradually we could create our own vision.  I want a knowledge company, which lives by knowledge. Though I still didn't have a clear image of what a knowledge-based company should be. I somehow have similar "masters" in real life. and are 2 of companies that I want to imitate. 

Imagine future

A book I read recently says that: you can't achieve things you don't desire for. What future do I desire for? I couldn't answer this question. In short, I desire nothing. For a while, It's been a random walk. I would live without any specific purpose in life. I follow several interests without a definite goal. I would reason that I live that life style because I can't imagine the future. I don't know what future I would like to live on, so I wander around to find interest. And I realize that I should stop wandering around and start imagine about the future. It's the shortest way I could go.

A review of "Stress test"

Morning is the time of random thoughts and it'd better to jail those thoughts somewhere rather than let them wandering around and disappear. I decided to make writing the first thing I do everyday. Yesterday, I came to a near bookstore and saw that the book "Stress Test: reflections on financial crisis" already on shelves. After reading the book's review by Bill Gates, I can't help waiting until the book is sold in bookstores, that I buy a kindle version through Amazon. I started reading the book every single free time because the content is so compelling and its author is so amazing. I want to jot down several points I think interesting here.

Nonsense arguments

I had an argument over web frameworks and their design philosophies. I was supporting micro frameworks because of its light and performance predictability. I know, in a micro framework, where to put things in, where to get things when I need it. I get the overall controls over queries, conventions, so on. My friends, on the other side, argues that frameworks like rails are great because they help us iterate faster. Such frameworks also has been designed and refined for a long time so they comprise of good patterns. We had a really heat debates which we don't want to withdraw our arguments. It was nonsense and a waste of time. After reading software design books recently, I just come to a realization that we have argued from different viewpoints and that every framework has its own merits. We wouldn't have derive each other like we have done. And I should stick to a framework for a while, embrace myself in different world before judging something.

How to do research

As noted in previous posts, I love reading, writing and doing research. However each time I consider return to academics world to pursue a PhD, my inner voice would keep yelling out loud I'm crazy. As normal graduate students, I know the agony of doing research. It's really hard to maintain enough energy to keep ourselves from burnouts. I was stressful and burned out once. But recently after working in industry for a while, I realize that I didn't get around well because I didn't know how to conduct researches. I didn't know how to divide tasks into sub-tasks to conquer. I didn't know to that writing down ideas and keeping a research notebook is important. I didn't know how to set milestones and strive for them. when got stuck, I didn't bother to ask for helps from my professors or from friends. I, inversely, even thought that asking others show my weakness, which showing my arrogance. I didn't even try to visualize things in my brain, which I thin

Do what you love, Love what you do

I got a little bit distracted recently by business stuffs. I don't find I'm suitable to do business. A friend told me I'd better do research because I have the knack of doing it. I might acknowledge that I don't have business instinct. I don't often negotiate for my profits. Recently I find out that I need money more than ever. My family is poor by a variety of standards and one of my goals is to bring my whole family out of poverty. Besides, I also love coding. I miss coding also, cause I don't write code recently. I got addicted to coding. And I was wondering whether I can make enough money out of coding. I got stucked And I came across an article of a Japanese genius. He spends the whole day gazing at computer screens, looking for moving patterns. He then trades with his own money and becomes multimillionaire just by trading. He's a star. It's astonishing to know that he even doesn't trade for money. To him, doing trading itself is fulfilling.

The unexotic underclass The impact of the article upon me is so great that I decided to put the title of the article title of this post. Similar to the author, I always think that we as educated citizens is putting our mental energy to wrong problems. As for me, I spend my days and nights watching our video servers. Of course our company philosophy is to bring television to the internet and deliver contents to a subculture community which is great, but in reality it doesn't solve any problem which helps progress our civilized. What we're doing is to entertain people, bring fun to people. We are living in a different world bring a mass-produced products to people, forgetting people in the lower ranks. Do we need to care for people of underclasses? Their life is their choice anyway.

Hacker Spirit

10:31 am and I should get to work now. If I don't get out this coffee shop right now, I might miss the next train. However, some thoughts keep wandering around and I think I should jot it down to let it get out of my head rather than let them wandering randomly in my brain. Cleaning the brain by writing down is good. Yesterday, I just tried to amaze my friend by showing them my proxy. My country government is implementing a kind of firewall to block exotic press or blogs. They used to block domestic DNS requests and I instructed my family to use DNS servers out of country border. Recently, the policy becomes stricter and administrators start looking into the content of the transmitted packets. For HTTP packets, they exclude packet with Host header in the ban list. Therefore my father at home cannot connect to several blogs. I help him walk around the firewall by using a proxy server abroad, which serves requests with different Host header. And amazingly it's work! The first t


Finally I finished the long and headache project. We finally move our network to new network with higher throughput. With this new network, we are able to handle traffic growth in at least 4 to 5 years ahead, which means we eliminate a lot of worries. Though, there are still servers left in the old network, due to the time constraint and the incapability of myself, as well as several external pressures, but I think we can put everything in order in 2 months (which is not bad I think). At least I have idle time to rest and think about my own life. One of several things I wanted to do after finishing the project is to be idle to look at the sky and do nothing. I commit myself to this plan and for a week, before going to work, I've spent from 30 minutes to 1 hour, sitting in a local Doutor Coffee shop doing everything I want (including this blog post). The air in the coffee shop is pure so I can breath easily. The background noise is tolerable. My mind is always wandering around eve

Mental Model

My friend insists on using rails if we want to do something together. I don't have any argument against rails though, but I don't understand why does he want to use rails. It's time I recognize one idea: mental model. Mental model is something we build for time. It's the way we perceive the world. If something happens not to be similar with what you often do something, you feel strange. When you were a child, your experience is still so little that you don't consider something natural, your mind is open to everything. When you grow up, your experience grows also, you don't consider something as it is but thinking that everything has its own way of existence. So you form a mental model about the world. The stronger your mental model is, the harder you are open to new thing. At the first time, I also question a lot about rails. I complained about the installation of execJS while I still don't write any Javascript code. All I did is not to understand the wa

Geek Sublime

The daily beast magazine featured Vikram Chandra a writer who also wrote code for living. His recent novel Geek sublime depicts his obsession of coding. For reviews of the book, Take a look at this article below What I find most interesting in this review is a quotation of Chandra about life of a novelist “Writers, like other kinds of artists, begin with assumptions of probable obscurity and relative poverty, so there’s less external pressure.  It has meanings to me because I'm also practicing this kind of life style; reduce much of my daily needs, eat less, etc so external forces wouldn't be my pressure. It seems that artists also face up with external pressure of daily life.

Digitalize everything

Recently I have chances to watch a real web system in real life. One of difficulties I face everyday is to understand the behavior of our systems, as well as its performance. To understand system's  behaviors, I have no way but digging into a myriad of lines of code. To understand system's performance, I need base numbers. Base numbers are indicators which show system's work loads. Is our system overload or under-load. Is it possible to run some more query than current work load. It's this moments that reminds me the important of having numbers. In other word, If you can't measure, you can't manage. I just expand my imagines to real life and realize that not just in computer do we need numbers. In real life, people also compare to each other on numbers. How much salary do you gain each month. How many people do your company possess. How many wives does a person have. Each indicator depicts a kind of level of success. And I begin to realize that in order to m

The history of Motorola A long article of the history of Motorola, a giant in mobile world for around a century. I didn't have time and energy to read the whole article and still wanted to come back to it later, so I post here for people who interest and for me later.


For several incomprehensible reasons, I was involved in a private group. People in this group are dreaming of their own business; they made the group's name "Business Plan Group". Not sure what people in this group are doing. To my understand, they might focus on writing their own business plan in order to apply into our country's market. I don't know the progress either. Someone presents randomly their own models and charts. The presentation is so fragmentaire that I cannot grasp the entire picture of what he is trying to do. Some people even ask me to join their obscure business. Of course, my answer is no. I just have interests in doing business myself, and I consider the mentality of running a business in a severe environment, the flow of cash is much important than just saying about what you're doing, or in short ideal. I just posted a video interviewing Elon Musk , one of my business hero, and asked for comments (course I think we can learn much a lot

Just one of my dream

Sometimes when coming across this kind of recruit on the internet I often wish I could have been able to write better in English (and of course in my mother tongue too). At first I may manage to write something but for a while I would neglect practicing and things stay the same. How can I learn to write as a native writer? How can I write not solely a clear sentence but also a sentence with humors?

Write and keep secret

I remember Dijkstra in one of his interviews said that he wrote his notes and kept them private because he realized that he would stir up disagreements due to his controversial point of views. He, therefore, kept all his notes in private. When people discover his notes, they found a treasure of computer science. Recently I was involved in several private group and gave out my thoughts. I realized that when my thought is not as similar as people's perception, all I got is resistance. Resistance comes in many forms. For people who show respect to me, they are in disagreement of my ideas but don't say anything. For people, who think they are more right than me, they negate my ideas and try to influence me by his ideas. Of course I don't think I'm absolutely right because to me what I talk is my perception of world. I'm ready to tell people how I see the world and welcome the way people see their world. But often, I receive a attitude of negation. I just think that I

Before a battle

My company's service will be down for maintenance up to 9 hours this Thursday (08/21). It's really an important maintenance. This time we will upgrade several parts of our network infrastructure from 1 GBps to 10 GBps. Our service will be faster. New network devices with more computing power will definitely enable dependable communication. I've  been preparing for the big maintenance for 3 months. I started this project with nearly zero understanding of our system and the way my company works. I had a vague image of our working system: a traditional stack with apache and mysql, and that's all I know. Since the time I began to dig down into our system, I have realized that it's more complex than I've thought. The configuration of each component is varied. The inter-component communication is abundant. I had no idea how to start. When the projects goes by, I'm quite diffident. Even now, only 2 days until, I'm still setting up our new Load Balancer. I&#

Get started with systemd

I allocated a block of time tonight for hacking something but failed to do it. The work got longer than usual and I came home late. Turn on the virtual machine running systemd, I saw the internet stop working. I just switch my windows host from using wireless to stable ethernet cable. Something I don't know changes and it breaks the network setting. I tried to several internet setting but it turned out the problems is more fatal than I thought. I tried google for hints but all I got is some people with the similar problems to mine. In despair, I try adding a new network card and to my surprise the new network card works. I ping-ed google and saw the response. The problem solved with me having no idea why it works. Anyway systemd is different with tradition initd and it takes time to unlearn some concepts in initd before really getting used to systemd.

New keyboard

I used to be fan of mechanical keyboards. I bought a Filco and have used it for about a year. Almost the time, the Filco is good. It's easy to type and I love the feeling surfing the keyboard and the sound it made. But I often get pain the the neck of the hand due to my hands need to twist to type. After some searching, I discover that the pain of twisting is not solely my problem. A lot of people have the similar issue. It's time I discover the existence of Ergonomics keyboard. I made countless time visiting Akihabara typing the ergonomics keyboard. Most of the time i find it's very comfortable to type in this keyboard. The key is not as sound as mechanical but my hand needs not to twist. My pain almost gone. For around 5000 yen, it appears that this keyboard is not that expensive. I'm very satisfied with this keyboard. Hope I will use it for a while.


Tivi có một chương trình rất hay gọi là chương trình 72 giờ. Trong chương trình này, người làm chương trình sẽ chọn một địa điểm có ý nghĩa nào đó và quay tất cả các hoạt động của con người trong 72 giờ đấy. Chương trình lần này nói về biển Enoshima. Chỉ cần nhìn bở biển, nhìn những con đường mình đã từng đi qua mà tự nhiên muốn đi Enoshima kinh khủng. Với mình Enoshima là một nơi có rất nhiều kỷ niệm, nhiều điều khó quên. Gần như tuổi trẻ của mình có những điều đã từng gắn với Enoshima. Tự nhiên tuần này muốn đi Enoshima quá. Trong đợt nghỉ 3 ngày này nhất định sẽ bỏ một ngày để đi Enoshima.

Hiện thực

Gần đây đọc một vài cuốn sách nhận ra một từ khoá quan trọng: " hiện thực ". Hiện thực không phải là khái niệm khách quan tồn tại ngoài ý thức của bản thân mà nó chính là cách bạn tiếp nhận thế giới. Thế giới thế nào phụ thuộc vào cách bạn nhìn nó. Nếu ta nhìn thấy thế giới đầy rẫy điều tốt đẹp, thế giới của ta tốt đẹp. Nếu ta nhìn thấy thế giới nhiều cạm bẫy và lôi kéo, thế giới của ta nhiều cạm bẫy. Nếu ta nhìn thế giới đầy điều xấu xa, thế giới của ta nhiều điều xấu xa. Thế giới của ta chính là cách ta nghĩ và nhìn nó. Cách ta nhìn thế giới định nghĩa hiện thực của ta. Nhiều người nhìn thế giới của mình, tin rằng nó đẹp và muốn giới thiệu với người khác về thế giới của mình. Trong thế giới của mình, cái này thế này, cái này thế kia. Nó nhất định phải thế này, nó nhất định phải thế kia. Người ta cố gắng chia sẻ hay áp đặt cách nhìn đấy cho người khác. Phần lớn những chia sẻ này gặp phải sự phản kháng mạnh mẽ từ người mình muốn chia sẻ. Lý do rất đơn giản để tiếp nhận

How do you enjoy weekend?

I saw a friend last weekend and one of things he talked firstly was "It seems 2 years has passed since the last time I saw you". In fact it's just 2 weeks. So for him, 2 weeks seems like 2 years. However, to me it's just yesterday. Time is a relative quantity. The feeling about time is different among people. For some people, who live a occupied life, time run fast. It even runs faster when you're live in a stressful environment. I recently realize that time even runs faster than ever when you spend the whole consecutive day glaring at computer monitors. Unfortunately, my life these days is like I describe above. I'm busy living hectic life glaring at monitors days by days, nights by nights. It's no doubt that I thought 2 weeks is as long as one day. It's like every moment is just yesterday. Another observation I made is when we're busy we fail to record every moment of your life. I don't remember events happened last year. If something is

Expert definition

I just came across the following interesting phrase, which is a definition of expert. The classic definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing, The phrase is intriguing because it defines expert under two opposite terms: "more and less" and "everything and nothing", in which expert is an agent who moves from existence (everything) to nonexistence (nothing), from fullness (more) to empty (less). It's very zen-like philosophy: simple and elegant. It's just a beautiful definition I've known.

Contribute to opensource

Sometime I find people, who upload a bunch of spaghetti code to github and yell out loud that they are contributing to opensource, ridiculous. Of course compare to people who don't write code, these kind of people is much better. At least they are practicing, they are writing something. But the thinking that giving away your code equals to contributing to opensource is a complete wrong on premise.

Things existed in our imagination won't never be compromised

The fall of group

Another thoughtful article from phrack entitled " fall of groups ". Though I don't care much about the explanation of author about falls of collective, I do agree that the flood of media and information, as well as the feeling of insecure reduce our creativity.

2 điều đơn giản mà thú vị trong ngày

Dù hôm này đã viết một bài (có nghĩa là đã quá quota trong ngày) nhưng vì đọc được hai câu nói thấy hay hay nên muôn viết thêm, coi như là ghi chú lại. Câu đầu tiên: 目標設定しよう Sáng nay đến thấy bảng trắng chỗ họp có dòng chữ này được viết nguệch ngoạc (Giống kiểu chữ trẻ con). Câu nói nhắc đến một việc rất đơn giản, sơ khai mà lại vô cùng quan trọng: sự khởi đầu.  Câu thứ hai:  Mastering Emacs is not the goal, it's the path. Câu thứ hai thoát ra khỏi sự khởi đầu nói về một cuộc hành trình. Giống như câu nói đọc đâu đó -- của một thiền sư -- "Bản thân hành trình cũng là một phần thưởng". Giả sự bạn có cái đích để hướng đến thì việc đạt được cái đích đấy không phải là mục đích. Việc bạn tham gia vào hành trình hướng tới mục đích đấy mới là điều quan trọng. Hai câu nói, vô cùng giản dị, xuất hiện ở hai ngữ cảnh khác nhau, nhưng lại liên kết trong một mạch văn suy nghĩ đến bất ngờ. Tự nhiên mình cảm thấy như vừa được nhắc nhở một điều mà bấy lâu nay mình vẫn quên hay

Sáng thứ 4 ngày 12 tháng 3

Dậy sớm. Dù đã làm đủ trò trên giường nhưng so với mọi ngày mình vẫn dậy sớm. Giá mà duy trì được thói quen này thì thật là tốt.

Hội trò chơi

Gọi là hội trò chơi nhưng những đứa bạn ở đấy không chơi video game, cũng không chơi những trò dân gian. Hội bạn chơi trò chơi của lựa chọn và tiền bạc. Nói về trò chơi thì đây là một trò chơi được phát mình bởi Robert Kiyosaki (hình như vậy). Một trò chơi mô phỏng chọn lựa và tiền bạc trong cuộc sống. Mỗi người chơi tham gia bằng cách chọn cho mình một nghề nghiệp. Mỗi nghề nghiệp có đặc trưng tài chính riêng như: thu nhập, mức sống, con cái. Khởi đầu trò chơi, các nhân vật đều bắt đầu bằng một số tiền lương nhất định mô phỏng cuộc sống đi làm. Mỗi tài sản mà bạn mua sẽ góp phần vào "thu nhập gián tiếp" của bạn. Mỗi người chơi bằng cách lần lượt đổ xúc xắc và đi trên một vòng tròn như cá ngựa. Mỗi ô dừng lại đặt ra những lựa chọn như trong cuộc sống mà con người có thể gặp phải. Mục tiêu là với những lựa chọn đó, phải làm sao cho thu nhập gián tiếp vượt quá được mức sống. Ở đây có hai khái niệm cần được giải thích đó là: thu nhập gián tiếp và mức sống. Mức sống -- là tự

Suy nghĩ về công việc hiện tại

Jo, bắt đầu 500 từ của ngày hôm nay! Sáng ngủ dậy đầu óc cứ mụ mị chắc nghĩ ra gì, chắc biết viết gì. Tắm rửa thư giãn một chút, tự nhiên nghĩ ra ngay cái để viết! Vâng đó là công việc. Công việc có vẻ là thứ chiếm nhiều thời gian và suy nghĩ của cá nhân mình. Không biết những người ở nửa sau của tuổi 2x có cảm thấy như thế không? Với mình công việc luôn làm mình đau đầu. Mình đã từng qua những công việc tay chân, nhàm chán nhất mà mình từng biết, cho đến những công việc dễ thở thảnh thơi hơn. Mình cũng đã từng làm công việc nghiên cứu (với level siêu thấp). Mình hiện tại đang tham gia công việc vận hành. Tựu trung lại là dù công việc khó hay dễ, một thứ luôn luôn xuất hiện trong mình đó là sự bất mãn. Mình làm công việc mà mình cho là sự đam mê của mình nhưng mình không hề yêu những cái mình tạo ra. Nói chuyện với đứa bạn làm cùng thấy nó bảo hệ thống nó phụ trách giống như đứa con tinh thần của nó vì thế nó muốn làm cho hệ thống đẹp hơn, tốt hơn. Mình đơn giản không hiểu được điề

Infra 1 năm nhìn lại

Ngày 1 tháng 3 năm 2013, mình chính thức trở thành một thành viên nhóm infrastructure của trang chia sẻ video niconico. Nhìn lại bản thân trong một năm qua thấy tiến bộ có, thụt lùi có, thay đổi theo hướng tiêu cực có, thay đổi tích cực cũng không thiếu. Mình muốn viết về những thay đổi này. Thay đổi rõ rệt nhất mà mình có thể thấy được trong năm qua đấy là mình trở nên trầm tĩnh đi khá nhiều. Cách đây một năm mình hấp tấp từ suy nghĩ đến hành động. Nghĩ rất nhanh và gõ phím cũng rất nhanh. Kể từ khi qua infra, khi mà mọi command mình gõ trên màn hình đều có thể ảnh hưởng đến hàng triệu người, thì sự cẩn trọng tăng lên rất nhiều. Mọi thao tác đều phải cân nhắc ảnh hưởng trước sau. Mình làm mọi thứ chậm hơn, gõ phím chậm hơn, suy nghĩ chậm hơn. Có thể có người cho việc làm chậm chạp này xấu nhưng mình không nghĩ vậy. Vì tuy suy nghĩ chậm hơn, nhưng mình trở nên quyết đoán hơn, một khi đã cân nhắc mọi thứ rồi thì tin tưởng vào hành động của mình hơn. Nói cách khác mình thay đổi tự hấp

Are you high availability?

At workplace I was asked: "Are you high availability". I guess he wanted to ask whether I can work for a long time, which is Japan's working ethics. Maybe he just wanted to ask whether I immediately appear at the time of system breakdown. For both questions, my answer was neither yes or no. Humans need maintenance and I'm also a human. It's impossible for me to maintain highly alertness for long time. I need hours of sleep and I need to eat. I have my life outside working. I need rest and time for my family. I just simply can't spend all my time for working. Even a powerful server has downtime. Hardware glitch is usual. Sometime it causes outrage system breakdown. Computer system experts, for a long time, has understood that it's impossible to maintain high availability without redundancy. Famous computer systems in the world have highly ratio of computer redundancy. Critical systems are designed with redundancy at every corners. Dependability comes fr

Tản mạn về ngôn ngữ lập trình

Gần đây công ty mình mới tuyển được một anh tên là Ezoe chuyên đọc luận văn về quá trình chuẩn hoá ngôn ngữ C++. Mình cũng không biết anh ấy có tham gia thảo luận không nhưng qua cách anh ấy giải thích có thể thấy anh ấy có một am hiểu rất sâu sắc về C++. Mình thấy mọi người trong công ty có vẻ rất hâm mộ và bàn bạc về C++ cũng sôi nổi. Nhờ thế mà hứng thú tìm hiểu ngôn ngữ lại trở lại với mình (vốn dĩ gần đây mất đi vì nội dung công việc). Hôm nay lại được đọc bài viết phỏng vấn  Nicolai Josuttis ,  một tác giả chuyên sâu về ngôn ngữ C++ .  Theo tác giả nói, tác giả yêu ngôn ngữ C++ nhưng lại không phải là fan của ngôn ngữ (Mình hiểu với fan cuồng tín thì C++ là số một). Tác giả cũng không code một dòng nào trong thời gian gần đây. Bản thân tác giả nếu phải làm một chương trình nào đấy tác giả cũng không viết bằng C++. Bản thân tác giả cũng trả lời một cách rất tiếu ở đoạn cuối bài phỏng vấn: If performance really matters, then I don’t see any alternative to C++. However, you pay

Chấp nhận thử thách

Mình luôn thắc mắc là làm sao những người nổi tiếng có thể lấy thời gian để đọc sách, viết sách và làm nhiều việc đến vậy cho đến khi mình đọc bài báo dưới đây về Vacslav Smil. Theo đó Smil có trả lời rằng:  You’ve written over 30 books and published three this year alone. How do you do it?   Hemingway knew the secret. I mean, he was a lush and a bad man in many ways, but he knew the secret. You get up and, first thing in the morning, you do your 500 words. Do it every day and you’ve got a book in eight or nine months. Việc thức dậy hàng sáng và bắt đầu 1 ngày bằng 1 bài viết quả thực rất ý nghĩa. Chắc chắn ta cũng sẽ không tưởng tượng được sau 1 năm ta sẽ có gì. Với tinh thần đấy mình muốn bắt đầu bí mật này của mình từ bài viết này với tựa đề: "Chấp nhận thử thách".  Dịp nghỉ tết vừa rồi có thể coi là một trong những kỳ nghỉ mình thu được khá nhiều điều. Được gặp bạn bè, được quây quần bên gia đình,

My resolution for 2014

It's 2014 and I just want to do my resolutions for 2014. Below is what I want to do this year. 1. Sleep 8 hours per day. I have cut my sleeping hour for entertainment purpose like browsing webs or keeping up with news. However the less I sleep, the more I find myself alertness during working our. Moreover, the value I gain from doing entertainments was not much. Therefore this year, I want to spend more time in bed to let myself follow dreams I haven't had. 2. Read more books Recently I start to read more books than I've read for my whole life up to now. Last year, I finished: - The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - Thinking, fast and slow - How to use your mind - Coders at work - List Hackers - Learn you a Haskell for Great Good - Money machine - 2012これから10年間活躍できる人の条件 - What I wish I knew when I was 20 - Moonwalking with Einstein - Signal and Noise (Nate Silver) - The architecture of open source applications Some books I started but