Are you high availability?

At workplace I was asked: "Are you high availability". I guess he wanted to ask whether I can work for a long time, which is Japan's working ethics. Maybe he just wanted to ask whether I immediately appear at the time of system breakdown. For both questions, my answer was neither yes or no.

Humans need maintenance and I'm also a human. It's impossible for me to maintain highly alertness for long time. I need hours of sleep and I need to eat. I have my life outside working. I need rest and time for my family. I just simply can't spend all my time for working.

Even a powerful server has downtime. Hardware glitch is usual. Sometime it causes outrage system breakdown. Computer system experts, for a long time, has understood that it's impossible to maintain high availability without redundancy. Famous computer systems in the world have highly ratio of computer redundancy. Critical systems are designed with redundancy at every corners. Dependability comes from redundancy.

Therefore, the right answer for my colleague should be: I alone can't make a high-availability group, but with you I thought our team would become the best team with deep understanding in our system and


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