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How do you enjoy weekend?

I saw a friend last weekend and one of things he talked firstly was "It seems 2 years has passed since the last time I saw you". In fact it's just 2 weeks. So for him, 2 weeks seems like 2 years. However, to me it's just yesterday. Time is a relative quantity. The feeling about time is different among people. For some people, who live a occupied life, time run fast. It even runs faster when you're live in a stressful environment. I recently realize that time even runs faster than ever when you spend the whole consecutive day glaring at computer monitors. Unfortunately, my life these days is like I describe above. I'm busy living hectic life glaring at monitors days by days, nights by nights. It's no doubt that I thought 2 weeks is as long as one day. It's like every moment is just yesterday. Another observation I made is when we're busy we fail to record every moment of your life. I don't remember events happened last year. If something is

Expert definition

I just came across the following interesting phrase, which is a definition of expert. The classic definition of an expert is someone who knows more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing, The phrase is intriguing because it defines expert under two opposite terms: "more and less" and "everything and nothing", in which expert is an agent who moves from existence (everything) to nonexistence (nothing), from fullness (more) to empty (less). It's very zen-like philosophy: simple and elegant. It's just a beautiful definition I've known.

Contribute to opensource

Sometime I find people, who upload a bunch of spaghetti code to github and yell out loud that they are contributing to opensource, ridiculous. Of course compare to people who don't write code, these kind of people is much better. At least they are practicing, they are writing something. But the thinking that giving away your code equals to contributing to opensource is a complete wrong on premise.

Things existed in our imagination won't never be compromised

The fall of group

Another thoughtful article from phrack entitled " fall of groups ". Though I don't care much about the explanation of author about falls of collective, I do agree that the flood of media and information, as well as the feeling of insecure reduce our creativity.