New keyboard

I used to be fan of mechanical keyboards. I bought a Filco and have used it for about a year. Almost the time, the Filco is good. It's easy to type and I love the feeling surfing the keyboard and the sound it made. But I often get pain the the neck of the hand due to my hands need to twist to type. After some searching, I discover that the pain of twisting is not solely my problem. A lot of people have the similar issue. It's time I discover the existence of Ergonomics keyboard.

I made countless time visiting Akihabara typing the ergonomics keyboard. Most of the time i find it's very comfortable to type in this keyboard. The key is not as sound as mechanical but my hand needs not to twist. My pain almost gone.

For around 5000 yen, it appears that this keyboard is not that expensive. I'm very satisfied with this keyboard. Hope I will use it for a while.


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