Before a battle

My company's service will be down for maintenance up to 9 hours this Thursday (08/21). It's really an important maintenance. This time we will upgrade several parts of our network infrastructure from 1 GBps to 10 GBps. Our service will be faster. New network devices with more computing power will definitely enable dependable communication.

I've  been preparing for the big maintenance for 3 months. I started this project with nearly zero understanding of our system and the way my company works. I had a vague image of our working system: a traditional stack with apache and mysql, and that's all I know. Since the time I began to dig down into our system, I have realized that it's more complex than I've thought. The configuration of each component is varied. The inter-component communication is abundant. I had no idea how to start. When the projects goes by, I'm quite diffident.

Even now, only 2 days until, I'm still setting up our new Load Balancer. I'm struggle with new way of setting. I'm so nervous that it's impossible for me to concentrate on my task (therefore I decided to write down my nervous that it becomes clearer to me which is making me nervous)

Before a crucial battle, I'm unable to be calm but I think it's better to be stressful (so that your nerves can respond faster to external stimulation) rather than being ignorantly dispassion.


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