Digitalize everything

Recently I have chances to watch a real web system in real life. One of difficulties I face everyday is to understand the behavior of our systems, as well as its performance. To understand system's  behaviors, I have no way but digging into a myriad of lines of code. To understand system's performance, I need base numbers. Base numbers are indicators which show system's work loads. Is our system overload or under-load. Is it possible to run some more query than current work load. It's this moments that reminds me the important of having numbers. In other word, If you can't measure, you can't manage.

I just expand my imagines to real life and realize that not just in computer do we need numbers. In real life, people also compare to each other on numbers. How much salary do you gain each month. How many people do your company possess. How many wives does a person have. Each indicator depicts a kind of level of success.

And I begin to realize that in order to manage my own life, I also need numbers.
Perhaps I should digitalize my life deeper.


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