For several incomprehensible reasons, I was involved in a private group. People in this group are dreaming of their own business; they made the group's name "Business Plan Group". Not sure what people in this group are doing. To my understand, they might focus on writing their own business plan in order to apply into our country's market. I don't know the progress either. Someone presents randomly their own models and charts. The presentation is so fragmentaire that I cannot grasp the entire picture of what he is trying to do. Some people even ask me to join their obscure business. Of course, my answer is no.

I just have interests in doing business myself, and I consider the mentality of running a business in a severe environment, the flow of cash is much important than just saying about what you're doing, or in short ideal. I just posted a video interviewing Elon Musk, one of my business hero, and asked for comments (course I think we can learn much a lot from the video than from reading a bunch of books). Some reacted positively. Some asked me for concentration course he just thought we are, as a group, thinkers than doers. Doers are better for his business. I just want to say one thing: "mine your own business". 


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