Write and keep secret

I remember Dijkstra in one of his interviews said that he wrote his notes and kept them private because he realized that he would stir up disagreements due to his controversial point of views. He, therefore, kept all his notes in private. When people discover his notes, they found a treasure of computer science.

Recently I was involved in several private group and gave out my thoughts. I realized that when my thought is not as similar as people's perception, all I got is resistance. Resistance comes in many forms. For people who show respect to me, they are in disagreement of my ideas but don't say anything. For people, who think they are more right than me, they negate my ideas and try to influence me by his ideas. Of course I don't think I'm absolutely right because to me what I talk is my perception of world. I'm ready to tell people how I see the world and welcome the way people see their world. But often, I receive a attitude of negation.

I just think that I should keep writing down my thoughts rather than share them with people who don't understand our thought like me. Gradually, the power of authority will come and my writing will have more persuasive power.


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