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Do what you love, Love what you do

I got a little bit distracted recently by business stuffs. I don't find I'm suitable to do business. A friend told me I'd better do research because I have the knack of doing it. I might acknowledge that I don't have business instinct. I don't often negotiate for my profits. Recently I find out that I need money more than ever. My family is poor by a variety of standards and one of my goals is to bring my whole family out of poverty. Besides, I also love coding. I miss coding also, cause I don't write code recently. I got addicted to coding. And I was wondering whether I can make enough money out of coding. I got stucked And I came across an article of a Japanese genius. He spends the whole day gazing at computer screens, looking for moving patterns. He then trades with his own money and becomes multimillionaire just by trading. He's a star. It's astonishing to know that he even doesn't trade for money. To him, doing trading itself is fulfilling.

The unexotic underclass The impact of the article upon me is so great that I decided to put the title of the article title of this post. Similar to the author, I always think that we as educated citizens is putting our mental energy to wrong problems. As for me, I spend my days and nights watching our video servers. Of course our company philosophy is to bring television to the internet and deliver contents to a subculture community which is great, but in reality it doesn't solve any problem which helps progress our civilized. What we're doing is to entertain people, bring fun to people. We are living in a different world bring a mass-produced products to people, forgetting people in the lower ranks. Do we need to care for people of underclasses? Their life is their choice anyway.

Hacker Spirit

10:31 am and I should get to work now. If I don't get out this coffee shop right now, I might miss the next train. However, some thoughts keep wandering around and I think I should jot it down to let it get out of my head rather than let them wandering randomly in my brain. Cleaning the brain by writing down is good. Yesterday, I just tried to amaze my friend by showing them my proxy. My country government is implementing a kind of firewall to block exotic press or blogs. They used to block domestic DNS requests and I instructed my family to use DNS servers out of country border. Recently, the policy becomes stricter and administrators start looking into the content of the transmitted packets. For HTTP packets, they exclude packet with Host header in the ban list. Therefore my father at home cannot connect to several blogs. I help him walk around the firewall by using a proxy server abroad, which serves requests with different Host header. And amazingly it's work! The first t


Finally I finished the long and headache project. We finally move our network to new network with higher throughput. With this new network, we are able to handle traffic growth in at least 4 to 5 years ahead, which means we eliminate a lot of worries. Though, there are still servers left in the old network, due to the time constraint and the incapability of myself, as well as several external pressures, but I think we can put everything in order in 2 months (which is not bad I think). At least I have idle time to rest and think about my own life. One of several things I wanted to do after finishing the project is to be idle to look at the sky and do nothing. I commit myself to this plan and for a week, before going to work, I've spent from 30 minutes to 1 hour, sitting in a local Doutor Coffee shop doing everything I want (including this blog post). The air in the coffee shop is pure so I can breath easily. The background noise is tolerable. My mind is always wandering around eve

Mental Model

My friend insists on using rails if we want to do something together. I don't have any argument against rails though, but I don't understand why does he want to use rails. It's time I recognize one idea: mental model. Mental model is something we build for time. It's the way we perceive the world. If something happens not to be similar with what you often do something, you feel strange. When you were a child, your experience is still so little that you don't consider something natural, your mind is open to everything. When you grow up, your experience grows also, you don't consider something as it is but thinking that everything has its own way of existence. So you form a mental model about the world. The stronger your mental model is, the harder you are open to new thing. At the first time, I also question a lot about rails. I complained about the installation of execJS while I still don't write any Javascript code. All I did is not to understand the wa