Do what you love, Love what you do

I got a little bit distracted recently by business stuffs. I don't find I'm suitable to do business. A friend told me I'd better do research because I have the knack of doing it. I might acknowledge that I don't have business instinct. I don't often negotiate for my profits.

Recently I find out that I need money more than ever. My family is poor by a variety of standards and one of my goals is to bring my whole family out of poverty. Besides, I also love coding. I miss coding also, cause I don't write code recently. I got addicted to coding. And I was wondering whether I can make enough money out of coding. I got stucked

And I came across an article of a Japanese genius. He spends the whole day gazing at computer screens, looking for moving patterns. He then trades with his own money and becomes multimillionaire just by trading. He's a star. It's astonishing to know that he even doesn't trade for money. To him, doing trading itself is fulfilling. He doesn't need other people to encourage him working. He do it without much considerations, without fears of losing money. Trading by itself is full of pressure and it influences deeply to our emotions. Yet B.N.F somehow can manage to work all days through it. Moreover, he lives a frugal life. He doesn't use money for his own sakes. His largest spending is his own mansion without nearly nothing. he lives an He just does what he loves and I find it intriguing. He is respectable and he is just amazing.

I just understand a simple truth. Money doesn't come to people who love money. It sometimes does come bringing troubles and misfortunes. Money is mischief. However it is very generous to people who don't love it. It comes to people who don't work for it. In short, it comes to people who do what they love.

I become less stressful of making more money and more focus on doing what I love. Ultimately, we are happy by doing what we love.

Sometimes it takes long time to just understand simple truths, but to me this time's understanding is precious.


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