Hacker Spirit

10:31 am and I should get to work now. If I don't get out this coffee shop right now, I might miss the next train. However, some thoughts keep wandering around and I think I should jot it down to let it get out of my head rather than let them wandering randomly in my brain. Cleaning the brain by writing down is good.

Yesterday, I just tried to amaze my friend by showing them my proxy. My country government is implementing a kind of firewall to block exotic press or blogs. They used to block domestic DNS requests and I instructed my family to use DNS servers out of country border. Recently, the policy becomes stricter and administrators start looking into the content of the transmitted packets. For HTTP packets, they exclude packet with Host header in the ban list. Therefore my father at home cannot connect to several blogs. I help him walk around the firewall by using a proxy server abroad, which serves requests with different Host header. And amazingly it's work! The first time I saw it's work I was amazed myself. I felt powerful. I felt strong. It seems that nobody can block me. And I shown the setting to my friends. The reaction is guessable. Nobody found it interesting :))

I start thinking about Hacker Spirit. People hack for fun. Hacking is an intellectual acts. People do it because it satisfies his/her curiosity. They understand the behaviors of stuffs they're working on. Somehow they feel powerful like me too. And that's all. True hacker, in my opinion, don't do something to amaze people. It's childish sake. He do hacking for his own desire of learning. From this viewpoints, I was childish also. And I start realizing that I don't hack a lot these days. In fact, I stop writing code for around a year.

I want to return to the time when I was a "true hacker", who explores things for interests. I want to have idle time to modify codes, see how it changes, and feel its powers.

I would write about coding in another blog. Now it's time for running for the train.


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