Finally I finished the long and headache project. We finally move our network to new network with higher throughput. With this new network, we are able to handle traffic growth in at least 4 to 5 years ahead, which means we eliminate a lot of worries. Though, there are still servers left in the old network, due to the time constraint and the incapability of myself, as well as several external pressures, but I think we can put everything in order in 2 months (which is not bad I think).

At least I have idle time to rest and think about my own life. One of several things I wanted to do after finishing the project is to be idle to look at the sky and do nothing. I commit myself to this plan and for a week, before going to work, I've spent from 30 minutes to 1 hour, sitting in a local Doutor Coffee shop doing everything I want (including this blog post). The air in the coffee shop is pure so I can breath easily. The background noise is tolerable. My mind is always wandering around even when I focus on tasks, therefore I prefer a place with some noise so my wandering mind can be caught by the noise and doesn't go so far. The music is good too. Sometimes they broadcast some of my favorite songs. The bright is great. My house now is lack of bright (cause I have a limited budget for housing) so I always feel weak sitting at home. At Doutor, I feel my body is woke up. The bright forces my body to think that it's morning (it's even noon). I don't feel tired going to work as I used to feel during the project. I begin to realize how bad influence a long and difficult project can give to me.

I still have residual stress but it is in the range of my endurance so I'm alright living with stress. However, somehow I feel that stress is leaving out of my way so I can live stress-free life.

The tranquility here is great.


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