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Imagine future

A book I read recently says that: you can't achieve things you don't desire for. What future do I desire for? I couldn't answer this question. In short, I desire nothing. For a while, It's been a random walk. I would live without any specific purpose in life. I follow several interests without a definite goal. I would reason that I live that life style because I can't imagine the future. I don't know what future I would like to live on, so I wander around to find interest. And I realize that I should stop wandering around and start imagine about the future. It's the shortest way I could go.

A review of "Stress test"

Morning is the time of random thoughts and it'd better to jail those thoughts somewhere rather than let them wandering around and disappear. I decided to make writing the first thing I do everyday. Yesterday, I came to a near bookstore and saw that the book "Stress Test: reflections on financial crisis" already on shelves. After reading the book's review by Bill Gates, I can't help waiting until the book is sold in bookstores, that I buy a kindle version through Amazon. I started reading the book every single free time because the content is so compelling and its author is so amazing. I want to jot down several points I think interesting here.

Nonsense arguments

I had an argument over web frameworks and their design philosophies. I was supporting micro frameworks because of its light and performance predictability. I know, in a micro framework, where to put things in, where to get things when I need it. I get the overall controls over queries, conventions, so on. My friends, on the other side, argues that frameworks like rails are great because they help us iterate faster. Such frameworks also has been designed and refined for a long time so they comprise of good patterns. We had a really heat debates which we don't want to withdraw our arguments. It was nonsense and a waste of time. After reading software design books recently, I just come to a realization that we have argued from different viewpoints and that every framework has its own merits. We wouldn't have derive each other like we have done. And I should stick to a framework for a while, embrace myself in different world before judging something.

How to do research

As noted in previous posts, I love reading, writing and doing research. However each time I consider return to academics world to pursue a PhD, my inner voice would keep yelling out loud I'm crazy. As normal graduate students, I know the agony of doing research. It's really hard to maintain enough energy to keep ourselves from burnouts. I was stressful and burned out once. But recently after working in industry for a while, I realize that I didn't get around well because I didn't know how to conduct researches. I didn't know how to divide tasks into sub-tasks to conquer. I didn't know to that writing down ideas and keeping a research notebook is important. I didn't know how to set milestones and strive for them. when got stuck, I didn't bother to ask for helps from my professors or from friends. I, inversely, even thought that asking others show my weakness, which showing my arrogance. I didn't even try to visualize things in my brain, which I thin