Nonsense arguments

I had an argument over web frameworks and their design philosophies. I was supporting micro frameworks because of its light and performance predictability. I know, in a micro framework, where to put things in, where to get things when I need it. I get the overall controls over queries, conventions, so on. My friends, on the other side, argues that frameworks like rails are great because they help us iterate faster. Such frameworks also has been designed and refined for a long time so they comprise of good patterns. We had a really heat debates which we don't want to withdraw our arguments.

It was nonsense and a waste of time.

After reading software design books recently, I just come to a realization that we have argued from different viewpoints and that every framework has its own merits. We wouldn't have derive each other like we have done.

And I should stick to a framework for a while, embrace myself in different world before judging something.


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