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Technical Notes: How to change Juju user password

Juju User JuJu has an internal user framework , which supports sharing of controllers and models. Using JuJu user feature, a sysadmin could separated users for controllers as in multiple clouds deployment or for users as in multiple systems deployment. Each juju user can have its own permissions at application, model, or controller layer. This separation of responsibilities allow multiple users to manage multiple infrastructures with a clear border of responsibilities. At controller bootstrap phase, Juju automatically creates a new user named admin with superuser privileges. This user could perform all operations at cluster level. We could confirm the current user and its privileges by  $ juju whoami Controller: kvm Model: k8s User: admin $ juju users Controller: kvm Name Display name Access Date created Last connection admin* admin superuser 23 hours ago just now  Authentication An user needs to submit its username and password in order t