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Technical Memo: Disk Encryption using Cryptsetup with Vault as Key Management Service

In Linux Operating system, full disk encryption could be achieved by various solutions: encryptfs, dm-crypt, cryptsetup… While a step-by-step setup of disk/partition encryption can be referred from official documentation, integration disk encryption with Key Management solution like Hashicorp Vault is unobvious. Fortunately, there are a package named vaultlocker in Ubuntu Universe repository that ease this integration. I decided to spend my free time to make cryptsetup work with Vault. Notes: A similar request has been made to Cryptsetup but it goes outside of cryptsetup so it was closed. 1. Install Vault As JuJu charm store has working Vault/MySQL charms, Vault deployment is as simple and easy as following commands $ juju deploy percona-cluster $ juju deploy vault $ juju relate vault:shared-db percona-cluster Vault needs to be initialized and unsealed before it can provide its secure services. I followed below steps to initialize Vault $ juju ssh vault/0 $ export VAU

SSH Port Forwarding

Local / Remote port forwarding are powerful features of ssh, yet I am confused of the their usage. Today I saw a great picture explaining in details many options of port forwarding. The author of the accepted answers drew a so great picture that I want to copy here for my own future reference. "a picture worth a thousand words" Source:


My old desktop becomes sluggish as I deploy multiple test environment on it. As I also use various desktop applications for my daily works on the same desktop machine, sometimes resource insufficiency freeze the all the applications, interfering my work flows. I am always a fan of small low-energy NUC devices so I take this chance to buy a new NUC device solve my resource issue. Before buying new device, I had some considerations for a NUC. Whether it's good time to buy a NUC? If yes, what version should I buy? Whether it works with my 4K Dell Monitor? Whether it generates too much heat? Whether it supports enough resource for my daily work flows (I need a lot of Linux/Windows virtual machines) How I should use  It is a good timing? At CES 2020, Intel announced an impressive NUC 9 and it made me think for a while whether I should wait for the release of this device. However, after checking around for price/performance ratio, I realize that it's not a good time to